A cap is a headgear that blocks sun rays from the eyes and provides warmth to your head. It is one of the few clothes that are fashionable and functional. Caps have been among us for centuries now in different forms and shapes. The caps have an ancient history around the globe, and they were present in many different shapes per region, culture, generation, and trend. All the caps available in the market evolved from these old caps. A cap with embroidery fits nicely on your head as a fashionable accessory. 

The caps are usually made from woven and knitted fabrics, but there are caps available in the market manufactured from materials like buckram, rubber, fur, and wood. It is nearly impossible to count the number of caps in the world. No matter which cap you wear, the most common feature of caps is protecting you from sun rays and making you look more stylish. The most famous examples of this fashion accessory are fedoras, baseball caps, sun hats, and berets. 

Nowadays, people and businesses are using caps as promotional products. There are numerous caps that businesses can use for promotional products. They customize them with their company logo and color. They distribute these products to their employees and the general public to raise awareness about their brand. 

  • Baseball Cap

Baseball caps are the most famous among people of every age. It gives a casual vibe to anyone who wears it. The cap comes with a broader brim that covers your entire face. All these caps come with embroidered symbols on the forehead. Snapback and Dad hats are the most famous variations of these caps. 

  • Fedora Cap

These are ubiquitous fashionable caps. The main characteristic of these caps is that they come with folded brims. A silk ribbon of the same or contrasting color is placed at the base of the crown. People wear these caps to complete their looks with suits and blazers.

  • Sun Cap

The primary purpose of these caps is to cover your head and protect it from harmful sun rays, as its name describes. The cap brim comes in different shapes and sizes. The brim also has different fold options. The cap often contains a strap at the bottom to keep the hat on your head.

  • Pork Pie Cap

These caps resemble Fedora caps at first look. The telescopic crown and the all-around folded brim distinguish it from Fedora caps. The crown has a slight lip pinched in around the upper edge. These caps have feathers, brooches, and other decorative items to maintain high-level fashion.

  • Sun Visor

The sun visor cap is a variation of a baseball cap without a crown. But these caps come only with brims and a strap to hold the brim on your forehead. This is also known as a Tennis cap, which has been associated with tennis for a long time and secures your eyes and face from UV rays.

  • Bucket Cap

This is also known as Beanie Cap or Fishing Cap. These caps use woven cotton fabric like denim or canvas as raw materials. The main characteristic of this cap is that it provides safety to your entire face and eyes from sun rays as it has a wide downward sloping brim. These caps also contain two metal eyelets on opposite sides above the ears. These eyelets keep the head of the wearer cool.

  • Panama Cap

It is also known as Toquilla straw or Ecuadorian hat. These caps are traditional brimmed straw hats. The Panama caps are lightweight and breathable and come in light colors. These caps are perfect to pair with summer dresses and casual suits. People primarily use them as fashion accessories for seaside and tropical experiences.

  • Cowboy Cap

These caps initially originated in America, and cowboys use these caps to protect their faces and eyes while managing cow herds. The brim of the cap is more oversized with folded sides.

  • Flat Cap

These classic caps came into existence in the 16th century. Since then, it has become a favorite fashion accessory for most affluent people. People pair these caps with various clothing combinations. The brim of this cap is small yet solid, with the inner side of the brim made with comfortable fabric. The raw material of these caps comes from wool, cotton, linen, corduroy, etc. The cap is known by many names like duffer cap, cabbie cap,  golf cap, scally cap, etc.

  • Beret Cap

The best thing about these unisex caps is that you can wear them for casual occasions or to maintain high fashion. These caps primarily use crocheted cotton, woven,  acrylic, or hand-knitted wool. The cap comes with a soft and round and flat crown. Most armed forces, as well as police forces, wore these caps in their uniform. But most high-ranked military offers wear peak hats as per their rank in their respective forces.